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    Earthing and Lightning Protection

    If an unprotected building were to be struck by lightning the result may be fire, structural damage, damage to the electrical systems/equipment and electric shock. The purpose of a lightning protection system is to shield a building, its occupants and contents from these adverse effects. To do this properly the lightning protection system must capture the lightning, lead it safely down to earth, and disperse the energy within the ground.

    A lightning and surge protection system consists of several systems, each tailored to each of the others. At its most basic, a lightning and surge protection system consists of one internal and one external lightning protection system. These systems must be carefully selected for the application at hand, and used in a coordinated way. Installation of the systems takes place according to various application and product standards. 

    To ensure that the components can withstand the loads to which they are likely to be exposed in application, they must be checked against the respective product standard for external and internal lightning protection

    These can be categorized as follows:

    • Interception devices
    • Arresters
    • Earthing systems
    • Area shielding
    • Separation distance
    • Lightning protection equip-potential bonding system

    Leveraging on vast industry experience, TreeQPower offers an extensive gamut of Earthing Solutions for Lightning Protection.


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