Technical Field Services-Electrical
The Technical Field Services Includes: Installation, Testing, Commissioning Services, Operation and Maintenance (Annual and Monthly basis).
  • Substation equipment’s from 400 kV / 132KV / 33KV /11KV /.415V to LV System that includes Switchgears,
  • Transmission / Distribution Transformers
  • HV / LV Motors & Generators
  • MV / LV Motor control Center VFD/Soft Starters
  • HV / LV Capacitor Banks
  • Neutral Earthing Resistor
  • Protection Control and Relay Panels
  • AC/DC UPS System,
  • Battery and Battery Charger System
  • LV Panels / Synchronizing Panel / ATS
  • PLC & Automation Panels, SCADA and SCMS System
  • Power Cables up to 33KV including VLF Testing,
  • Fibre optical cables and associated network jobs etc
  • LV Power and Control Cable Laying and Cable Trays inside Substation and building Premises.
  • Residual Life Assessment (RLA) study of Substation and Plant Equipment’s
  • Consultancy Services in area of diagnostic test, type test and life assessment of HV equipment.
  • Deployment of DEWA, FEWA, ADWEA, ADDC and AADC Approved Engineers for various Utility Substation Projects.
  • Deployment of experienced Engineers for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and Third Party Inspection Services.
  • Site Survey and Field Inspection Services.
  • Power Quality/ Harmonic Analysis,Thermography,Earth Measurements etc
  • Cable Fault Location and Repairing services up to 132 KV System voltage
  • Sheath fault location and repairing services up to 132 KV System voltage
  • VLF and DC High Voltage Testing services
  • Cable Identification, Cable route tracing/Mapping services
  • Cable installation and testing and commissioning services up to 33 KV system voltage
  • Cable Jointing and termination services up to 33 KV System voltage
  • Supply, Installation and commissioning of Earthing and Lightening protection systems
  • Annual maintenance of Electrical switchgears
  • Supply and Installation of Electrical Switchgears/Equipment’s
  • Testing and commissioning of Electrical Installations
  • Cable Identification, Cable Route tracing & Mapping services
  • High Voltage Testing: A.C. D.C. and VLF tests
  • Earthing System & Lightening Protection System
  • Protection Relay Testing & Setting
Technical Field Services-Mechanical

Third-Party Inspection covers activities performed at manufacturer’s works of all types of mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment purchased for the various refinery, oil and gas sector Terminal pipeline, piping projects, Shutdowns and Pressure vessels manufacturing workshop, Marine, Petrochemical and Power Industries.

We carry out Vendor/ Fabrication/Piping/Welding/NDT/Maintenance /Shutdown /Coating & Painting inspections using our  field Engineers.

  • CSWIP 3.2.2 Senior Welding Inspector with RTFI.
  • CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector.
  • BGAS – CSWIP Painting Inspector -Grade 2.
  • Lead Auditor Training completed in ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) ,
  • ASNT-Level-II in (RT, UT, MPT, LPT, VT).